Tuesday, 11 June 2013


I have wanted to do a "Spotlight" blogpost on this artist/illustrator for quite some time, as I am such a big fan of her work. So here I introduce the extremely talented Lozzy Bones

So here is a little bit about this talented lady, in her own words...

"My name is Lozzy Bones and I dwell in a basement flat with my mother in London awaiting the day I can move out, get a studio and force my art and illustration down the world's throat, shouldn't be too long now! My work is mainly figurative, I have a love affair with the female body and how illustration gives one the permission to distort anatomy and form into something weird and wonderful. My work takes on many styles from intricate clean fine liner graphic drawings of pin ups and  to messy textured pencil illustrations of ethereal fairytale beings and creatures. I'm currently undergoing a BA in Illustration and visual media, it's definitely helped me expand my list of favourable mediums and helped me identify what I'm really good at. I've done a few low key commercial bits and bobs like logo artworks and tshirt designs. I often take on commission work in the form of logos, tattoo designs, portraits and other pieces. "

I constantly find myself in awe of Lozzy's intricate penmanship, her attention to detail is just impeccable, and I adore seeing the progression and development of her pieces. There is such time and care put into each illustration, and you can see the patients she has when create them, the detail is just breath-taking.

Watching the progression of this beautiful piece inspired by Greek Mythology, was an absolute joy to watch, from the initial illustration to the final piece. I love that the roses you see on this piece were actually done on a separate piece of brown paper, and then added to the image later; it really does give the illustration even more depth. Which commends the thought process and attention to detail that Lozzy has.

I think with all of Lozzy's work you can certainly find a deep visual monologue within her works, and it's extremely aesthetically pleasing to the eye. I love her line work, and use of mix mediums that she uses to create her works. I think Lozzy is going to go extremely far with her talents, and if not there is something wrong with this creative world.

Further examples of Lozzy Bones' work:

Other places you can fine Lozzy Bones:

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