Sunday, 10 February 2013

Pulp and trash-fuelled pin-up fiction

Feast Your Eyes Upon The Macabre, Hold The Darkness In Your Hands. This is Albino Jacks...

"A pulp, trash and sleaze fuelled juggernaut slopping out twisted doses of pin-up fiction on our website and in our quarterly magazine featurette. 

Every story is beautifully presented with high quality images, in magazine format. Each one will be unlike anything you've read before. Your favourite fairy tales transformed in true Albino Jacks fashion. Be prepared to witness striking photography with twisted narrative to create a whole new concept of popular fairy tales and new pin-up pulp fiction."

Next spotlight feature I bring to you is the extremely talented and creative Albino Jacks

I have been a big fan of Albino Jacks since I caught my eye on "The Exorcism of Ruby Jewel" the imagery is haunting and incredible executed Albino Jacks and Ruby Jewel make an incredible team, and produced an amazing magazine feature...
 Please click image to be taken to The Exorcism of Ruby Jewel

A few weeks ago Albino Jacks announced a little giveaway, and of course I was going to jump on the chance to win some of their merchandise; and some how I actually was one of the winners. So this is what I won..

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The magazine that I won features the tale of Goldilocks, I love the fact that Albino Jacks does a lot more than you expect to these photographic 36 paged magazines based on classic tales, they twist them and make them much darker than you expected, plus you are drawn in to the beautiful aesthetics created by the pin-up photography. They quality of the magazine is incredible and well worth an investment in, I soon shall be purchasing myself The Exorcism of Ruby Jewel and Masubi Vs Wolf, I also like the fact there are little posters within them too. In addition to this, I got an Albino Jacks T-shirt,stickers, postcards, a badge and some incredible prints featuring Ruby Jewel, Betty Havok, Masubi, Ethel Fletcher and Keiki Suicidegirl. Seriously an incredible goodiebag!!
So if you're in to some pulp and trashed-fuelled pin-up fiction, with a dark twist, illustrated with some beautifully dark photography, then Albino Jacks is certainly for you! Also as well as making these kick ass magazines, they also do incredible Mixtapes, some are even designed to be played while reading certain featurettes; which I think is a very cleverly designed idea and it makes for good listening. 

Where to find Albino Jacks?

P.S For some reason the fonts pink in parts, no matter what I have tried to do it remains pink, so for today my blog shall be extremely pink....

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