Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Wales Comic Con

As you can see the venue was rather small
The Doctor (who saved the day) and his lovely fiancée
Catwoman. Two very lovely people we met at the con. 
I went away on an adventure this weekend all the way up to Wrexham for the Wales Comic Con, it was quite an epic journey up there which consisted of a three hour drive from Cardiff!

I am going to be honest, this is not the best Comic Con I have ever been too, and I felt the advertisement and general organisation of it all was little to be desired for. I felt the venue was far too small for what it was trying to achieve; and I felt it relied solely on the guests rather than having a vast selection of stores. The venue was very cramped and compact, on the outside it looked massive, but once you got inside I have to admit it was rather underwhelming. I was also surprised by the lack of cosplaying, as normally you do expect to see a large amount!

 Which I was gutted about, seeing as how excited I had been about going to the convention. However, despite those factors I did enjoy myself. This was mostly due to getting to meet Anthony Head! I'm a huge Buffy fan and loved his film REPO! The Genetic Opera.

As mentioned I felt the organisation could have been a lot better, I understand they had a much larger turn out than they have ever had before, which was expected with their guest line-up, but the queues were crazy and no one knew what was going on. It was only thanks to a guy who was dressed up as The Doctor, that any of us knew what was happening; as he'd gone out of his way to find out. 

Then went all the way through the queues to give those waiting an idea of how long it would be until we'd all get it. Now I know what you're thinking, why didn't you get an early bird ticket? Well I did actually order one, and then the day that the orders ended, I had the money pay-palled back to me, with no explanation as to why. When I enquired about this, they couldn't explain what happened either, and just informed me I'd have to get one on the day. I was a bit annoyed about this error, but technical glitches can happen; and I didn't mind a bit of queuing as long as I got in at the end.

So after about 2 hours of queuing I got in...

Once again... They found the Droid they were looking for.
After a queuing for another hour, I got to meet the amazing Anthony Head:
Buffy The Vampire Slayer, REPO! The Genetic Opera.
Myself being rather excited with my signed photo ^_^
Cosplayers: Thor & Loki
Myself being a dork just after seeing Anthony Head with my dear friend Lauren who was Lady Venom. 
We Landshark wherever we go (check out Jenna Marbles if you don't know)

Just as we were leaving the con, look who we bumped into! He was happy
 to let us have more photographs taken with him. Honestly he was ever so nice
and I'm going to say it... still a yummy looking man!

That pretty much sums up my adventures at Wales Comic Con, as I said the guest line up was amazing, they had the cast of Game Of Thrones, Red Dwarf, Warwick Davies, and many many more. I was just gutted by the actual size of the place, and lack of stalls when you compare it to the likes of London, Manchester etc. I do feel that next year they need to consider using a bigger venue to accommodate what they are trying to achieve, which is competing with the comic cons over in England. It certainly does have the ability to do so, and I think it can be achieved with better advertisement, organisation and a much larger venue. As certain things that were advertised on the site that were going to be taking place, didn't seem to actually be taking place, and the general layout of the place, made it difficult for people to queue for signing etc while others were looking at stalls.

Overall, I did enjoy my time there, but compared to other cons I have been too, I felt this one wasn't as overwhelming as I hoped, and I felt a bit deflated to travel all that way for a tiny venue. However that being said, this was all counteracted the instant I saw GILES!

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