Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Manchester MCM Expo 2012

Over the weekend I left The Shire and made my way to Manchester, to meet up with some friends of mine, go and see TDKR in IMAX and then go off to the Manchester Comic Con. So I thought I'd take this opportunity to do a little blog about my weekend adventures.

I was meeting my friends at the station, and this was the meeting point. I think this was a sign to sum up what was going to be our entertainment for the evening...

Two of my friends (Scott and Nella) had plotted together to get me something rather epic, so while we were waiting for our Christovson (who was running late); Scott decided to give me the rather epic gift and get our friend Kieran to record it. (Which I still hate you guys for, hehe)

I was handed a box, which clearly contained converses, but not just any kind of converses, it contained a pair I have had my eye on for some time. In fact, they were originally only meant to be exclusive to the states, so I never thought I'd get them; and be save within my ban on HQ items. That's right guys, I banned myself from buying any more HQ themed items for the rest of this year. However, I decided due to Comic-Con I'd be lifting my ban for one day only, and set myself a mission to find these. Which I didn't end up doing, cause of the awesome Scott and Nella!!

So yes, as I was saying I was handed a rather amazing box, and this was inside ^_^ I took my other cons off straight away (batman/joker ones) and quickly put my HQ ones on. They are just amazing, and I still cannot believe Scott and Nella did this. Sadly Nella wasn't there, hence the video that was recorded, so that she'd be able to see my excitement when I was given them. I also took the time to leave her a very excited voicemail. Just so she knew how happy I was and how thankful I was.

So after the excitement of the cons, we met up with Christovson, and then we made the arrangements for the evening, which consisted of getting noms before the most epic thing ever...

That's right folks, The Dark Knight Rises, IMAX in Manchester! I won't post any spoilers here or anything, as I know some people who are still yet to see it! Shame on you all.

Before, I get all excited about it though, I'd just like to take a moment to say my thoughts are with the friends, families and victims of the Denver Shooting; I was shocked to read about this on the train while travelling to Manchester. I honestly cannot understand why someone would do such a thing.

So yes, I shall not be giving any spoilers here; all I will say is Nolan is a God!

Now I bring you to the next part of my adventures in Manchester:

It's been quite some time since I last went to a comic con/expo and my word what an incredible experience this one turned out to be. The turn out was HUGE! In fact, it was reported that Manchester Expo experienced a record-breaking turnout compared to last year!

I went with a small group of friends:

Right, so here is now where I flood you with pictures from the Comic Con

This was my cosplay for the day

Upon arrival to the comic con I was found by the stormstoopers, oops!

I cannot wait to go next year, already plotting who I am going to be :P

Oooh, I also bought one thing at Comic Con, which did fall within my ban being lifted for one day only:

As previously mentioned the Harley Quinn converses were from Scott and Nella, so they didn't mean I broke my ban, however as I was at a comic con, I allowed myself to get something Harley Quinn related if there was something there I didn't have. All the figurines that were there of HQ though I already had; however I found this rather awesome 3D art piece ^_^

After the comic-con went out for food, and then they day after that went to the beach. I have to say I was pleasantly surprised, as my experience of beaches in England have not been that impressive when I compare them to the beaches back home in Pembrokeshire. However, this beach was lovely:

Sadly, I got sunburnt though, so currently I am back home in Pembrokeshire, after a rather amazing weekend away with some rather epic people; nursing my first ever sunburn. Apart from the pain of the sunburn, my weekend adventures made this the best weekend of the year thus far!

So Manchester MCM, 2013....

I'm ready for you!

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