Saturday, 11 February 2012

Burning Red Studio - Work Experience

This is well overdue, now as most of you know I was away in Cardiff during the start of the New Year up until the 24th. The reason being for this is because I did a 2 week work placement at Burning Red . As promised I am finally getting around to blogging about my time there, so here we go...

Firstly I think it's a wise idea to give you some background info about the company, they are Creative Problem Solvers. They love discussing new ideas and working out creative solutions to help achieve the clients vision; they also have a fond love for Coffee (which I am awful at making, which they soon found out) and cheese!

The team:

Alex Mills
Creative Director

Nic Finch
Digital Manager

Gareth Green
Account & Project Manager

Lo Price
Designer / Illustrator

Marc Stafford
Website Data Development

Allen Goodreds
Website Design & Development

I will admit I was very nervous when the first day came, the day before the work experience I did a trail walk to the studios to make sure I knew exactly where I was going and how long it would take me to get there, as I did not want to arrive late. Upon arrival I was kindly welcomed in by Alex and introduced to the team, they are all ever so friendly, and really helpful. They all really made me feel welcome there, they had set up a little work station for me; and informed me of how things work on a day to day basis there. I did a few bits and bobs during my time at the studios, such as creating web-banners, logo/character designs, photo editing, managing tweets, and wordpress. As well as all of this I found a new lover for Illustrator. Those of you who personally know me, understand I used to have a huge dislike for Illustrator; the reason for this is because at first I couldn't get my head around it. Oh how that's changed, I love the program now! So thank you Burning Red for making me see illustrator in a new light.

Thank you Burning Red for having me, it was an incredible experience, and I learnt a lot from it. I really hope to go there again and do further work experience and enjoy the amazing Fridays that consist of Cheese and Wine ^_^ Also, one day I shall master the skills of coffee making, I promise Nic.

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