Friday, 27 January 2012

Suicide Squad 5 - Review

Right so as promised I have posted my review for Suicide Squad #5 as a follow up from review #4. These reviews will be more monthly in-conjunction with the issues being released; this is a one time only thing because it took me so long to get my hands on these copies. Curse no longer living close to a comic book shop *shakes firsts of fury*

I shall begin where I always begin and that's the cover art. Panosian
has definitely captured the chaos of the riot at Belle Reeves, it's a mess but in a good way. I actually love the composition of the cover in this one as it really does capture the chaotic nature of this instalment. The artwork inside by Dallocchio really does compliment the cover and the overall narrative of this issue too, he really does capture the characters expressions and shows us that SS are infact up against their odds.

So here is the usual pre-warning...


Firstly, I'd like to say considering we are only five issues in they have lots a lot of members during such a short space of time; you would expect this considering the nature of their missions however most of the time a team member is lost due to other matters.

Anyway, I am going to get this out of the way.....

Harley Quinn we all saw it coming, we knew she would become a problem once she found out about the Joker. It's pretty obvious she would have an involvement within the riot; so that she could escape to Gotham so that she could get to her Puddin'. This was so predictable and expected, as I am sure many of you will agree; but maybe this will lead to a bigger plot-line for her. Only time will tell...

So the issue basically picks up where the last issue ended with the Belle Reeves riot breaking out, the action within this issue is very fast paced which to be honest is a good thing as I have felt the last three issues to be a bit of a filler/transitional issue. There is a lot of focus on Deadshot and Diablo, whose indifferences seem to be reversed in this issue; also Diablo has his moment to shine...

There is also a hint of trouble hintd for a future issue involving Deadshot... could this be his demise, the key original character from SS, it has been rumoured for the last few months that Deadshot fans have something to look out for. So who knows, it all lies with this young girl, who is she though we are not yet entirely sure. I am thinking a daughter figure, but I am sure we shall find out very soon as this issue has suggested.

Even though this one does carry off from where #4 left us, I still feel like this series still hasn't pulled me in. I read it purely out of curiosity as to where it will go, seeing as this is one of the most controversial changes to the New 52.

(See, I didn't rant about Harley's costume in this one... I know you were all expecting it)

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