Thursday, 26 January 2012

Suicide Squad 4 - Review

I finally got my hands on #4 and #5 of Suicide Squad, so I thought it was fair to continue as I have and do my reviews on them; I shall be posting my review for #5 tomorrow. So keep a look out for it. 

I shall start with the art, that's right folks not a rant about Harley's costume... I know, shock horror. I have concluded that will never improve...

I am still finding the artwork a bit hit and miss at times, but I have to be honest and say Dallacchio's styling with his ink work and angles definitely works with the gritting nature of this comic series. Though that being said I think the bright tones could have been dulled down a bit just to sit more with the context of the comic.


We lose another member of the squad and betrayal takes place. Captain Boomerang joins the ranks to help against 
Basilisk *cough*Kobra*cough*. Deadshot's constant need of one-upmanship within their relationship is re-launched, and Harley Quinn is on the loose...

I actually love the fact that Harley is informed of what has happened to Mistah J (Check out Detective Comics), the artwork really does capture her feelings towards him and his fate in that moment of discovery very well.

Ok... I lied... I am going to rant about the costume...

It's more to do with the inconsistency of it all, it just seems to alter an awful lot; mostly with her shorts and make-up, there are some panels where she doesn't even seem to have any make-up on. Sorry but if you are going to change her look, be consistent with it. I shall not rant any further on the costume, cause we know I am Pro-Classic-Harley :)

The last few pages are where all the actions at to be honest, and you are turning the pages quite quickly with an "Oh my god.." thought in your head involving Deadshot. At least this is what happened to me.

I am still not a huge lover of SS, but it seems to be more of a grower. It does catch my interest at times, when I do overlook what they have done to Harley.

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