Thursday, 17 November 2011

Suicide Squad 3 - Review

So after seeing all the posts regarding Harley Quinn and Deadshot, I thought it was finally time for me to pick up my own copy of Suicide Squad #3 and continue as I have done so and review them. So once again as always.. if no one wants to know what has happened or have any spoilers, please do not read any further…


Afarid this one is going to be more of a rant as I am horrified by what they keep doing to "Harley Quinn" (she isn't even her anymore), she seems to be wearing less and less clothes as this series goes on! Is this designed to bring in more readers, cause seriously I think you are ruining your Harley Quinn fan-base by doing so. We all love her cause she is a classic pin-up, a jester, a lover, a prankster... NOT a slut.

Yes, I know most people who follow the new SQ are probably getting annoyed with hearing rants about her, but let's be honest she is the reason why a few people are reading it. I for one can honestly admit she was my reason for choosing to look into Suicide Squad.

The whole scene at the grocery store, in my opinion is out of character for her, and wasn't needed to be honest, actually the entire issue to me seemed more like a filler, there wasn't a whole lot really doing on to be honest; apart from the fact it seemed more about Character development as opposed to being more action filled. I hope they do some more action filled ones to be honest, otherwise it's just going to get boring in my opinion.

Also, then I got to the scene I have heard about floating around on the forums, which I didn't want to believe to be true but yes... Harley and Deadshot... WTF!!! I won't even start to rant on this, cause well... it would gone on for AGES, lol.

The artwork in this issue was a lot more consistent than previous ones, so have to give Mr Richards credit there. However, Suicide Squad, you're still not winning me over... yet I continue to read out of pure curiosity.

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