Saturday, 15 October 2011

Suicide Squad #2 - Review

Seeing as I made a bit of a review on Suicide Squad #1 I thought it was only fair I continue the trend and do the same for #2. So if no one wants to know what has happened or have any spoilers, please do not read any further...


Firstly, unlike the first installment of issue 1 we actually get to see the team in action on their first mission which turns out to be a bit of a zombiefest. Which to be honest I do not see why the Squad would need to concern themselves with zombies as well they do not really seem like a threat. I was pretty sure the purpose of Suicide Squad was to be a covert black-ops strike team; however I have heard in recent forum talk that this will be played up within #3.

I still remain bias on the whole appearance of Harley Quinn, so I shall not bore you with that at all; however what has happened to Deadshot?? He just doesn't seem himself at all, hopefully there will be more character development to explain all of this in the up-and-coming issues.

The artwork is still not winning me over either, there still doesn't seem to be a coherent style between Bressan and Dallocchio's illustration. I don't expect them to be identical due to it being two artists, however there does need to be a nice transitional flow between one to the other, which doesn't work yet.

I shall continue reading in hope that there will be a growth in character development.... D.C I am still giving you a chance :P

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