Sunday, 9 October 2011

Finally read Suicide Squad

So I finally read Suicide Squad #1 written by Adam Glass and drawn by Federico Dallacchio. I have been very bias on my opinion since this was announced mostly due to the issues with the new addition of a more independent Harley Quinn and her new "outfit" if you can even call it that. I guess it was only a matter of time that she would find her independence and stray away from Mistah J; but really the costume change, was it necessary?? Really?

The new Suicide Squad still follows a similar concept to the original, following a mismatched team of notable and not-so-notable super villains working for the government in a bid to earn their freedom.. yaddda yadda yadda.

I found it all very predictable along with the twist of Amanda Walter as the team's De-Facto leader, and the cliche of it all being a test. Surely every reader could see that happening. I was disappointed by the lack of action seen by the team, as it was just full of the history, the intentions and just flashbacks. Though saying this I guess this was to be expected after all this is a number 1 issues and an reinvention of the original series.

My main issues are with Harley Quinn, it's just not her to me at all. It's just like D.C have decided to bring in a new character with the same name, and colour scheme. Honestly, it's just not her and I cannot picture her in this manner. I can see hints of Harley coming through, but aesthetically it's not her. I am still holding my opinion on this though, as I am still intrigued to see character development. So for now I shall continue reading to give D.C a chance. Though I will never agree with the alterations to her costume one bit.

As for the artwork it is quite consistent though I do feel it loses tones of it's more darker adaptation in some scenes involving Harley Quinn and King Shark. However, for the most part it seems to be in-keeping with it's darker tones.

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