Sunday, 18 September 2011

I met Tara McPherson yesterday ^_^

The title says it all really, she was doing a signing in Forbidden Planet so I had to go! It was such an incredible day, and I was so nervous as well as being consumed with excitement. How often does one get the chance to meet their favourite artist in the entire world!? Not very.

The signing started at 1pm, so when I got into FP I saw a line of tables filled with wonderful Tara McPherson goodies, I said to myself before getting to London I would only be getting one print.... this didn't happen...

When she was signing my stuff we got to chat for a little bit, I was so excited to meet her I ended up stuttering, lol. Yes, I am a fool, hehe. I told her how much she is a huge inspiration to me and my works, so we ended up talking about my illustrations; which resulted in me giving her my illustration card... very nervously and excitedly I might add. I was such a dork meeting her, but loved every minute of it; and if I was to meet her again I would probably have been the exact same way down to the stuttering, hehe.

Also while I was in Forbidden Planet, I took the opportunity to have a nosey at an Harley Quinn merch, and I found a box full of the new D.C Play Mattes, so dived in to see if they had a Harley Quinn one, as well they are currently selling on eBay for £30!!! When they only retail at £3.99.... guess what....

They had her!!!

So I think it is fair to say, I had a very awesome day ^_^

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