Thursday, 15 September 2011

Burning Violet Design Contest

I have recently taken part in a little creative competition being hosted by Burning Violet Latex.

How the competition works:

To enter, design an outfit and submit it to our blog. Encourage your friends to “like” and reblog your entry as a means of voting for it. If you reblog an entry, please say why you want it to win!

They will stop taking entries on the 11th October and voting will close on the 15th October.

The top 5 by votes and their 5 favourites will be entered into the final draw and be reposted all together in one post. At this point, reblogging the post saying which is your favourite entry and why will help your favourite entry win - ultimately, the winner will be chosen by Burning Violet, but they will definitely be taking into account your opinions!

The contest will close on the 29th October and a winner will be announced

The Prize

The top 3 runners up will have their designs made into outfits available to purchase online.

The winner will also have their outfit made available for purchase, as well as receiving their outfit made specially for them (or a person of their choice), to their specific measurements!

So here is my entry:

It is a puff sleeved latex dress, with lace detail. As you can see it is clearly inspired by two styles I adore, Steampunk and Victorian.

If you would like my design to win and you have a tumblr account, then can you please go here and reblog it stating why you like it.

Thank you in advance.



  1. Ooooh....I like that. Awesome job!!! I love steampunk too and I think this is something I would wear :-)

    Now, if someone doesn't have a tumblr account, is there any other way to vote for it??

  2. Sadly that's the only way to vote, wish there was another as I have had a few people asking about it.

    Thank you so much though <3