Saturday, 23 July 2011

Lack of Updates...

Hello my fellow bloggers,
I am ever so sorry I haven't posted anything as of recent but I have been too busy as of recent due to moving to book any shoots back home here in Pembrokshire. However this being said, I am currently booking shoots for the months of August and September for my relocation to Southampton ^_^ So if any photographers are interested in collaborating please feel free to drop me a message at

So I guess the best thing to do is give you all an update of what has been g
oing on since completing my degree, well firstly...

I graduated!!!

Me with the most greatest people in the world, my dearest friends.
Who are also amazing artists!

In addition to this, I have been sorting everything out in preparation for my move, which I am ever so excited about. So currently I am doing lots of job hunting and have luckily got myself a few commissions on the go. One which includes a lovely commission for the wonderful Pin-Up Model Alice Cat.

Modelling wise things have been very quiet, however I am currently on the poster/flyer for the next Industrial Fallout Event (an alternative night out in The Talking Heads in Southampton). The photograph used to create the poster
was by Eastern Visions Photography, and edited by Adam Casey. I really love what he has done with it and it's pretty surreal going into The Talking Heads and seeing your face on a poster and their flyers.

As well as this, I got new glasses which can be seen in the first image posted within this blog. I am still not used to them, but they are certainly an improvement when you look back at my old pair, hehe. It was buy one get one free, so I get the exact same pair as a back up pair just in case.... I am clumsy hehe.

So I think that is a pretty nice summary of what I have been up to recently.

Noctis <3

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