Sunday, 15 May 2011

Unspoken - Pre Orders

Unspoken, is a project I have been working on for a few months now and it is finally completed. For those of you who have been following the growth of Unspoken; I am sure you will be happy to hear the book ready for Pre-Ordering.

So for those of you who have shown an interest and made an enquiry on the distribution of this book, please drop me a message to to be added to the pre-order listing.

The book will retail at £15, and shall included a limited edition signed print of "Melancholy". I will also happily sign the book and include a personal message upon request.


  1. Congrats! ^^ If I could & can, I buy it immediatly :D

  2. Oh I hope you don't mind, but I thought it would be interesting to share on my blog:

  3. Aww why thank you so much <3 you're welcome to put your name down on the pre-order list. I shall not be taking any money until I have all the books printed. The idea of the pre-order mailing list is to get an idea of numbers, and let everyone know when it's officially available to purchase <3

    P.S Added you to my following list, and thank you so much for the lovely words and sharing this post <3

  4. Naw your welcome ^^
    Right now I have the problem that I don't have paypal & I don't have a clue how to write money over O_O so I need to see how I'm going to fix that :P Lol ^^

    Someone else was interested to maybe so maybe if she order one I can order together with her *then problem fixed!*

    And your welcome ^^ Since I follow your work already a while I thought it couldn't harm to tell it on my blog, help you a bit at the same time & gain some good karma *hooray!*.

    I talk way to much :D

  5. I am clearly so late at reading your blog! but how is the book coming along? you still taking preorders and stuff?

  6. Hello lovely,

    The book had to be put on hold due to funding but if you give me your email I shall put you on the mailing list for when the project is back in process :D