Tuesday, 22 March 2011

A blog update and Stickers!!!

Hello my fellow bloggers, I am ever so sorry it has been quite sometime since my last post. I have been quite a busy bee at the moment with my Uni work.

So I shall give an update on what has been going on within the world of all things Noctis related. As you all know I am an illustration student in my 3rd and final year; so currently shoots have been a tad quiet so I can focus more so on my studies. Luckily I no longer have a dissertation to do as that was handed in on the 4th March, yay!! *does a happy dance*

I have been working heavily on creating an identity/brand/corporate identity; for my art and modelling so to speak. For those of you who haven't seen it already my site has been given a new look and can now be found under the domain of www.ladynoctis.co.uk and there you can see the
new look of Lady Noctis - if you haven't had a look already please do so. Would love some feedback on the new look.

I wanted something that would compliment the style of my artwork, afterall my main aspiration is to become an illustrator. So obviously, it makes more sense to make the site compliment my art as well as my modelling; and luckily for me this fell nicely into my current uni project: Self Promotion.

I have been creating a new logo for the identity of Lady Noctis; I wanted something that compliments me and all my creativity. Which is when I came up with this:
I think that this design works nicely as an identity for myself as an artist, it shows a hint of my quirky nature and my love for all things Victorian; at least this is my perception of the piece. To others it may just be a pretty image, if that is the case I am happy with that too as long as people look at that and then identity it with me :)

As well as this I have come up with a fun and quirky idea of my business cards; yes I will be having normal business cards too but as well as this I wanted something a bit more unique. Something that clients would rememeber me by after an interview or something. I am not going to give too much away, as it still in the development stages. I have also had some stickers made by stickeryou.com a fantastic site for getting custom stickers; I wanted die-cut stickers which arrived in the post today, yay!!

So my self promotion module is coming along nicely :) I shall be presenting what I have done so far to my tutor tomorrow and seeing how he feels about the concept so far. Hopefully it will go smoothly.

I am also currently working on my second major project which I shall not disclose any information about until I have some more work to show you, so keep an eye-out for some future blog updates to see illustrations for my book 'Unspoken'.

Hope you're all well.


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