Wednesday, 9 February 2011

A moment to de-stress

So we all have moments within our life where it's full of bundles of stress.
I knew the 3rd Year of Uni would certainly be o
ne one of the moments,
especially with my dissertation to do; along
side other projects on the go.
So above is a gif is my distressing photo-montage, with a beautiful custom made
scrabble necklacefrom the wonderful
Červená Fox the creator behind
Lady Hollywood, which I received on Monday <3

So here is an updated on my last few stressful weeks, as I haven't really updated this blog in great depth for quite sometime; so as I have some time to myse
lf I thought I would update this.

Last week has been a bit hectic as we have been currently working on
a Valentine's Card fundraiser to help raise more funding for our final year degree show; exciting yet stressful times. But we all knew this would be the case. The days of Sales have been Monday, Tuesday and this coming Thursday; examples of cards for sale from myself and fellow illustration students can be seen here.

There are some really amazing and beautiful designs from fantastic artists within the course, I seriously suggest you check them out; there is something there for eve
ryone. Even those of you who are not a fan of the dreaded Valentine's day. Also 10% of money raised from sales is going to charity.

My design for this fundraiser can be found further within my blog, it's available for purchase for £3, and remember it helps towards my final exhibition show and goes towa
rds charity. Speaking of exhibitions, I have managed to bag myself an incredible opportunity to have an exhibition of my own which is a little bit before my final year degree show, so two exhibition in the period of two months is going to be a busy but incredibly amazing time. So I truly cannot wait ^_^

I also had a shoot recently with the lovely ExninePhotography, we got to shoot in an incredible abandoned church in Abercarn. A truly incredible location, hope to do a shoot there again in the future; or just go urbexing down there. Seriously, if you ever get the chance to visit this place, I would highly recommend you to go.

Here is a sneaky preview of the shoot:

So there you have a nice updated of the world of Noctis.
Keep a look out for more new and interesting goings on.



  1. The face and overall pose on that photo is great - it's a really strong pose and goes well with the rigid concrete. However, the ripped stockings make me think drugged up hooker or rape victim, because of that look being teamed with the location. I don't know if that's what the photographer was aiming for, but that's what comes my opinion anyway!

    You know I love your photo shoots but that one...I'm not sure it's portraying what it was supposed to.

  2. The "rawr!!" pose makes me happy. ^___^