Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Apparently NOT suitable for Facebook???

This is the lovely shoot I did with Charis May Photography
for the wonderful designer Shhh! Couture.

This was the image that was reported on facebook and removed.
As apparently it is against to ToS of the site, now I for one do not see how
this image can be even considered pornographic/adult natured.
I am fully clothed!

So to risk getting a further warning regarding this image, I have uploaded it here.
Hope you like the images from the shoot; will do a more indepth blog about the shoot
when I have finished doing my dissertation.



  1. I can't believe this, it is totally appropriate!
    Hollee x

  2. Facebook are a bunch of arse holes!

  3. Thank you both, I know it's really surprising to have it reported and removed. I am clearly fully-clothed in this image. I have seen people bare far less skin and not get their images removed.

    It totally complies to the rules of FB.

  4. This was the picture?! This isn't anywhere near inappropriate!

    Great looking shot :) Facebook need to re-think their policy of giving warnings over reported images that they don't even look at themselves.