Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Gamer Chic


© 2010 Daf Keyse Photography

Photography: Daf Keyse
Model: Lady Noctis
Styling/Hair: Lady Noctis
MUA: Lady Noctis

All geekery belongs to Lady Noctis


Right, so it's been quite sometime since I have done a proper update in what has been going on within the creative world of Lady Noctis. So here is a little bit about what I have been up to for the start of the New Year. As you have already seen I kickstarted the year off by doing a shoot with the wonderful Eastern Visions Photography with some beautiful clothing provided by Memento Mori Clothing. If you have the chance please check out both these wonderful creatives work. They have both very talented, which I am sure you will be able to tell yourselves by viewing through their portfolios.

This week has started with an incredible photoshoot with Fellows Photography where I became
a shiny, Jane Doe Latex-clade superhero rockstar. The journey was an epic four hours there and back, but certainly worth it. I had such an incredible time, and enjoyed every minute of it; even if I did fall off an amp, hehe.

I have also had some excitement with Uni, and finally handing in my advertisement project, so I have one project off my chest.... for now. Which means I can put all my focus into my Steampunk Graphic Novel "A Notch In Time" and my dissertation. Both which I am throughrally enjoying at this current stage :)

So expect some more updates soon.


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