Monday, 27 September 2010

So the 3rd Year Begins

So today was the start to my 3rd year of University, it was a very short day which just consisted of an introduction to what to expect from the 3rd year. We were finished by 12!! So very short day indeed. Found out that there has been a few changes to the course, especially when it comes to the electives, so rather than having the usual large amount of opitions on what we want to do elective wise, it's been wittled down to just three!!! Which is a bit annoying, but I think I am going to take up the Multi-media one as it seems to be interesting and have a bit on flash etc which is an area I do currently want to explore.

As well as this, we found out what our timetable was; we have a lot more time allocated to private study due to the fact the 3rd year is mostly self directed. So our timetabled days are Monday, Thursday and Friday; but knowing me I will most likely go in on the private study days too to make full use of the awesome new studio space!!

I do not really have a lot to post at the moment, but I shall be making my room more homely today and make my mark on it, along with getting some further research done for my projects. Speaking of which the awesome Mort Couture got back in contact with me today with a questionnaire I sent them for my steampunk graphic novel project. Cannot wait to get my nails into that project I have big plans for it :)


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