Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Catch Up Blog

Hello my dearest bloggers and followers,

Sorry it's been quite some time since my last blog. So I thought as I have some spare time on my hands I would take a moment t
o do a sort of catch-up blog, on all the weird and wonderful things going on within the life of Noctis.

So last time I posted I informed you all I was in Swansea for a few days for a shoot, a book signing etc, then would be going back to Southampton with the boyface for the rest of the summer :)

I am still in Southampton and will be until the 24th then I shall be returning back to the land of Swansea to move in with my wonderful housemates in my awesome new home, ready for the final year of my degree. Which I am really looking forward to, as I have actually missed
being in Uni over the summer. I think I have been off for far too long, so I will be happy to be back to constant artwork and spending time with some amazing creative people.

So I should probably let you all know how the book signing went. It was an incredible experience, was quite nervous to begin with but after a little bit I settled down into it all :) So surreal to see my face on the cover, and finally see where else I was featured within the publication. For those of you wanting to see, I have the tearsheets available to view within a folder on my facebook fan page here

In addition to this, I managed to get a sneaky preview of my shoot at the start of this month with the wonderful Teagan Delemore as mentioned in my previous blog. So here are two preview images:
Hope you like them, as it was great fun creating them, and I had a team of amazing creatives. Speaking of which I am plotting to work with the wonderful Teagan again in late November :)

Creatives involved:
Photographer: Teagan Delemore
MUA: Katy Jones
Clothing: Artifice Clothing

As well as working with Teagan again, I have a list of shoots booked for October and November, so look forward to having more updates from me, also I shall start uploading more artwork within my blogs over the next year as I have some exciting projects in the pipeline.

I am currently also working on a marketing/promotion campaign to gain a larger target audience. So I have teamed up with the amazing Fraser Mutch who is the creative behind A Touch Of Mutch graphic designer. He is the creative behind the flyer you can see at the start of my blog, and he has also created an amazing poster to help me promote my work and gain more bookings. He also works for Elite Online Magazine, so I would suggest you check that out too :)

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