Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Something VERY Different

Hello my fellow bloggers,

I am back from my wonderful trip to Southampton with the boyface, and what an amazing trip it was. We have roughly spent a month and a half together, so it's really strange to be back home in Pembrokeshire without him, got home last night and was like a lost lamb.

Truly had an amazing time with him though, even though I was unwell on part of my visit, he was so sweet and looked after me; and even treated me to tickets to go and see 'The House Of Burlesque' and what an amazing show that was :)

So the title of this thread "Something VERY Different"...... what's that about I hear you ask, well I shall tell you know. My friend Leanne, the photographer behind Eastern Visions Photography, asked me if I would be up for doing a very different shoot to my normal works, to which I agreed even though I
was a bit unsure about going out of my usual fashion comforts.

Here are the results:

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