Friday, 13 August 2010

Site Revamp

Greetings fellow bloggers,

As you all know I have a webpage on wix, but recently I have felt that it's needed a revamp, a new look. Why?? Because I felt it needed to be more professional, I am not faulting my previous looks for my site, but I felt it needed something extra.

With all that in mind I feel that I have achieved this successfully with the new site revamp. So feel free to go and have a gander and let me know what you think of my new revamped site. To look at the new site click here.

I also realised that within my previous blog I mentioned about the fac
t I was published recently in Elite Magazine; but I was over excited with broadcasting about the publication in Bizarre Magazine that I completely forgot to post the tearsheets from Elite Magazine.

So it is

The photographs used within the article are:

Bottom Left - Charis May Photography

Top Right - Carl Ryan (Black Planet Photography)

Bottom Right - Alyn Weyman

In addition to this publication, I have just been published in Devolution Magazine as well within their news and letter segement; I can be found within their "Model Watch" section.

Here it is:

Photographs used:

Top Photograph - Leanne East (Eastern Visions Photography)

Bottom Photograph - Charis May Photography

So as you can see my month of August has been great for my modelling publicity wise. I am overwhelmed to have these recent publications and cannot wait to get my hands on another publication I am due in "Forever: The Art Of Angel". When I get a copy of it, I shall get some tearsheets for you all to see :)

Hope you are all well and enjoy the new revamped site.


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