Friday, 9 July 2010

Woo a possible job

Hello my fellow bloggers,
Today you get a normal every day picture of me.. why?? Cause today's blog isn't model related, it's exciting news because I got myself a job interview! Yay!!! *does a happy dance**

The job is with SuperStars, I found an opening for a job where they wanted Art Enthusiasts, which we all know I am most certainly one. The job involves teaching Primary School Children about art, which is perfect as it's part-time and will work around my University Timetable.

I have an interview on Monday, which will take place at 9:15, there I will be given the basic inventory information and introductory to the job, in addition to this I also have to conduct a lesson plan to be reviewed. Then if I pass this stage, I will have another interview on Tuesday where I actually get to teach children and use my lesson plan. I am so excited as it's something art related and it's a job, it's perfect. I really hope I get it.

Wish me luck ^_^


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