Friday, 30 July 2010

I got myself a book cover ^_^

*does a happy dance*

I got myself a feature in this wonderful book that's due out come the start of August, I have a few spreads within the book itself, but the artist has also decided to release 2 exclusive limited edition book covers that will only be available at the book signings.

The book that I feature on the cover on is due to release on the 4th SeptemberAnd here is the cover and original artwork

And then here are the two limited edition covers side by side (just so you can see how they work as a set):

As mentioned I feature as a model within the book too, which will be found in either edition, I am not showing you them though, as it leave a bit for a surprise in case any of you are a fan of Angel Illustrations

So yes, I am pretty excited about this *does another happy dance*

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