Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Back To Wonderland

Hello my fellow bloggers,

The last few days has been very hectic, as I have been moving out of my student house into a brand spanking new student house; with very wonderful people.

The move itself was very stressful, but thanks to some wonderful friends and my boyface I managed to move house; and get myself unpacked and settled in. The house looks wonderful, it's really nice and feels very homely. I will be honest, it's much smaller than my previous house; but it really is so much nicer. I instantly felt at home their, and the landlady is lovely too; so there isn't a negative to be found about this house yet. Though that being said, it is early days, and I don't officially move into the house until September; as I am now back home for the summer.

I have a lot of exciting things arranged over the summer, going to spend two weeks with the boyface and we are going to be celebrating our year anniversary, I cannot believe a year has gone passed so quickly; what an amazing year we have shared together; and I cannot wait to spend many more with him :) We have a fair amount planned for our 2 weeks together, it's going to be awesome, cannot wait.

As promised within my previous blog I would show you my Alice In Wonderland shoot with the wonderful Alyn Weyman. Well here they are (well a select few) :

So there are just a few examples of my work with the amazing Alyn Weyman, so I hope to work with again in the near future. I feel we achieved our aim of the shoot, and captured the concept of Alice In Wonderland perfectly, and added our own little quirk to it.

Hope you all like the images, and thank you all for your continuous support it means a lot to me.