Saturday, 19 June 2010

Daily Deviation and Posters for Sale

Hello wonderful bloggers,

As some of you may know I decided to release some stock images onto my DeviantArt account. This morning I logged in to discover on of my stocks recived a DailyDeviation, and my word what a bang it has brought
to my DA account. It's been no stop all day, messages after messages, so many faves and watches and llama badges!!!

I never thought I would ever recieve a DD, especially for one of my stock images. So overwhelmed by the response from my 'Run Stock', which was an image that my friend Kim took back when I was 16-17 for a summer project inspired by Victoria Frances.

This is what now reads below my stock image:

Run Stock by ~Lady-Noctis a great stock photo capturing the motion of the model. (Featured by Hanratty-Stock).

I am very thankful to Hanratty~Stock for submitting my image to be a DD, seriously the amount of promotion and publicity I have had today due to the feature is crazy. The image itself has recieved 218 favourites on DA... seriously wow!!!

In addition to that exc
itement, I have opened myself a store on Zazzle; as I had people requesting a poster verions of "Through The Looking Glass" to purchase. So I thought actually that would be a cool idea; with that I set myself my own store and am now selling posters of some of my modelling. Any money I make from the sales on these posters are going to go towards my 3rd Year Exhibition.

So as you can see to the left side of this blog are the samples of the posters that are available.

Feel free to browse my store:

Currently there are only these three available, but I will be getting more up as soon as possible.

If you do so happen to purchase one, please let me know and take a picture of you with it. The reason I ask this, is cause I would love to see people with the posters. I find it hard to imagine people would purchase posters of me and my work; but it would be ever so flattering if people did. In addition, it also will be going towards a good cause because it goes towards my exhibition :) Which I willl of course keep you all updated with; keep in mind I have a year until the exhibit.

Anyway, thank you all for reading.



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