Friday, 4 June 2010

Boredom Takes Its Tole

It's been one of those days where it is complete and utter boredom. Went into town today to do some job hunting, which seemed to fail miserably; there really isn't a thing for summer jobs at the moment. So tomorrow, I shall be getting my butt back into the town again in attempt to find something over the summer.

As well as this I took sarapup for a nice walk today, which seemed to cheer her up; as she was on a big downer yesterday due to mum going off on holiday. Which is completely understandable as she does love her mummy to pieces so was bound to miss her when she went. It's nice to see her being happier today though.

So as well as that I took it upon myself to apply to Rogue Models Agency, as I thought it would be a wise idea to get some representation, especially by an more alternative agency. Looking at who they already have on their books though, I will be extremely lucky if I get in, if I get rejected I will just keep working on my portfolio and try later in the year. In addition to this, I also applied for a portfolio on Dark Creations, so fingers crossed I get one of them at the very least :)

Also, I am currently plotting something, that may shock many people... but.... I am going blonde tomorrow, that's right people. I am going back to my natural hair colour. Why?? I hear you all ask... because I need to give my hair some room to breathe. I really don't want to get rid of the red, but currently it seems like the best thing to do for the health of my hair. So tomorrow, expect to see Kaela back to her natural hair colour.... weird I know, hehe. It should most certainly be interesting to say the least.

I am really worried that when I do it, Joe won't like it though, cause well, he has never seen me blonde; only seen a pic of me when I was younger. So yeah, I hope he likes it. I know it will most certainly be weird for me, so an adjustment period will be needed; think it will take a long time to grow on me. I am only doing it for the summer though, once that's over I am totally going back to red, hehe.

So that's all I have to report to you for today my fellow bloggers.



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