Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Back Within The Shire

That's right my wonderful people, I am back home within Pembrokeshire for 2 weeks to look after my puppy. Okay, so she isn't so much a puppy anymore, but to me she is, hehe. So I have departed from my Student house in the land of Swansea to return back home, which is such a weird feeling. Seems to unusual to be back here, even though it is technically for a short time frame it's still odd to be back.

So what do I have planned during my time back home, not much really... just looking after Sarapup and spending my time playing computer games ^.^ 

In addition to this, I have a few shoots arranged over this coming month, and hopefully will get a few more booked up during the next 4 months seeing as I will have lots of spare time, so I might as well make the most of it and bunk out my portfolio. So far I am plotting shoots with Eastern Visions, Charis May, Melanie Davies, Scott Chalmers and Alyn Weyman; which shall definitely be most fun. Cannot wait to get my teeth into the shoots, going to push myself further and have ever so much fun with those wonderful photographers.

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