Friday, 18 June 2010

2 Weeks Are Up....*drum roll*

Hello my dear bloggers *waves*

Well it's been quite some time since my last blog, and as you all know (well that's if you have been following) I have been house/pup sitting due to the fact my Mother and Step-father had gone off on holiday to Spain. They came back from their travels yesterday, and it seems they have had a wonderful time away. They both look like they have sat right next to the sun though, as they are crazily tanned hehe.

So today is my Mother's birthday, I did her a luxury bag of Dove items, as it's one of her favourite products, and in addition to that I got her a very nice card; which she has seemed to like :)

As they are both back home, this means I will be going back up to Swansea, to start packing in preparation to move out of my current student house into a new nicer student house; with awesome people. I cannot wait to move in with them, it's going to be wonderful, and clean!! In addition to this, they are all illustration students and on my course, which means we can share the stress load together, hehe. I will imagine most of our time will be spent killing time on computer games and watching dvds etc. So yes, it will most certainly be an awesome house. I genuinely cannot wait to live with them :) They are all very dear friends to me; so we will definitely have awesome times together.

I will only be in Swansea until the 25th though as I am going off to see the boyface, only for a short space of time though; will be going back to Swansea on the 29th. It's a shame that it is going to be such a short space of time, but it has to be that way cause I have to make sure the other student house is all presentable to how the landlord wants it before we all move out. Then on the 3rd of July I officially move out and move into my new home :)

I have quite a few plans for my brief visit back to Swansea though, and this comes in the form of getting creative with a few photographers, so here is my schedule for the next few days:

20th: Photoshoot with CT Media
21st: Photoshoot with Eastern Visions Photography
22nd: Photoshoot with Alyn Weyman aka Moxy
23nd: Photoshoot with MDavies Photography

So I look forward to being able to update my portfolio further, as I seemed to have a big hit with my most recent updates, and example of which can been seen at the top of this blog. Hope you all like it as much as I do :)

In addition to all of this, I have arranged to spend some time with friends, going to be spending the day with Chazz on Sunday, and then in the evening going to the beach for birthday celebrations for Nathan's birthday; which will be awesome :) I have my bestie Leanne staying over on Monday night, so we are going to have a dvd fest. Also I have Miss Charis my other bestie coming to see me on the Thursday to spend the day window shopping, we are poor students see; so it's the best we can do hehe.

Oooh.. and my 3rd year project is well underway now, I know exactly what I am wanting to do with it, I am going steampunk crazy; and I am loving it :) I shall keep you all up to date with all those goings on.
Hope you are all well my wonderful people.



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