Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Time To Self

As mentioned in my previous post, I am now free from Uni; that's right my wonderful people I am on my summer holidays. I have four months off from Uni, but this won't stop me from drawing away. I have big plans for my third and final year and I have every intention of going out with a bang! So I already have the idea of what I intend to do, and I have already started to gather up the research. I intend to be working on all of this throughout the summer; as well as reading up for my dissertation proposal.

Today is my first day of summer, but the sun has gone. Which really is a shame considering it is my first day of having to not worry about deadlines; and have that little sense of freedom. I did consider doing some further research today, but I decided to give myself a day to myself. Time to relax etc.

Tomorrow I am going to be doing a shoot with the wonderful Charis May, she is a dear friend to me; and we always have a ball doing shoots together. An example of our work together can be found within the image that is at the top of this blog. So I am very much looking forward to tomorrow, also we are possibly doing a shoot on Friday. Both shoots will be in beautiful locations, and I do adore my location shoots; so much fun will be had.

Sadly, I don't have anything heavily interesting to tell you about of my day, as it has literally been a day of relaxation. All I did was the finishing touches on my elective journal, which will be handed into Uni tomorrow morning along with my library books. Then I will go off on on train to Newport to do my shoot with Charis ^_^

So hopefully, I will have some sneaky photos of those events to show my fellow bloggers.




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