Sunday, 23 May 2010


My alias is Lady Noctis, I am a petite creative model with big ambitions exploring the world through the eyes of art.

I currently reside within the Swansea area and am willing to travel anywhere throughout the UK. I am doing a BA (hons) General Illustration, and I love expressing myself with my art may it be on a page or in front of the camera.
I wish to create art with photographers, artists, MUA, Hairstylists, clothing designers etc. I hope to create illustrations of captured moments in time.

Illustration isn't just a drawing, it can be found within a beautiful photograph.
I wish to join my conceptual eye of an illustrator, with the conceptual eye of a photographer, and together create breath-taking pieces of art. I would also love to collaborate with designers and clothing companies.

I have a fascination for steampunk, gothic, macabre and fantasy works and would love to do some work within these areas. In addition to this, I enjoy playing a role within my works and creating a piece with a strong narrative; so the viewer can enjoy the image just as much as I enjoyed creating it.

Please do not feel reluctant to throw anything at me. I am still relatively new to the waters, so I am willing to further myself with limitless possibilities.

I hope to join to elements of art, and create a new breed. If you would like to work with me you can contact me through my website or via email.

~ Noctis



  1. somebody just decide to copy and paste what they had already written for another purpose into a blog......LAZY :P

    MWAH xxxxx

  2. Oh screw you Mr Joe... I totally didn't know you had a blog, lol.

    Loves you stinky face <3